Project Management and On-Site Supervision

During the construction phase we implement and maintain a corroborative system of continuous crosscheck communication with the Owner, Architect, Design Team, Subcontractors, and Suppliers. We provide timely submittals, samples, mock-ups, shop drawings, and documentation for approval. Our on-site supervisors coordinate and orchestrate the work so as to produce the highest quality workmanship in a time efficient manner, always with attention to the smallest details. We carefully track the work progress, providing the Owner and Architect with timely progress reports. We document our projects thoroughly utilizing progress photos, as-built drawings, recordation of design modifications and changes to the work, project accounting, and updated critical path schedules.

We pro-actively coordinate and expedite communication among the Owner, Architect, Design Team, Subcontractors, and regulatory agencies to resolve construction related problems and issues as they arise. We keep the Owner, Architect, and Design Team informed of any cost, schedule and design impacts. Our goal is to minimize unnecessary costs and delays while maintaining the highest standards of workmanship.