Warranty and Project Closeout

We provide timely, thorough, and orderly project closeouts. We create comprehensive punch-lists, with input from our own on-site supervisors, the Architect, Designer, and Owner, assuring that each item on the punch-list is completed. We oversee all regulatory final inspections and sign-offs. We supervise all final cleaning, assuring a move-in, and/or start-up ready condition. Once this is completed, the Owner, Architect, and Designer, are all afforded the opportunity for a final project walk-through. We address all outstanding items to the Owner’s satisfaction. Administratively, we provide project documentation including as-built drawings and photos, which may include piping and wiring as-installed diagrams, fixture layouts, and changes in the structural elements. We provide product and workmanship warranties, operation and maintenance manuals, and equipment tutorials. Finally, we reconcile the project accounting, and we issue lien releases, and legal notices as required.